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Dear Reader,

My name is Aaron Carlisle and I have self-published two books covering the first 23 years of my life in which I was abused and neglected by a narcissistic mother and a depressed alcoholic father. My dad committed suicide in my early teens after failing to rape one of my sisters while he was under the influence, at which point he was promptly kicked out of the home, stalked my family, and inevitably decided to down pharmaceuticals to opt out.

On the other hand, my biomom nearly spent an entire decade programming me to believe that I was my father incarnate even though I suffered from severe depression, was hospitalized twice, underwent counseling, and showed positive signs that I would not walk the same path my sperm donor had. Never mind the fact we were and are two completely separate people…

Does that sound like fun? Well it most certainly was not, although I would not be where I am today had I not been forced to hike mountains from my cradle to the present. I am in my mid twenties at this point in my life, and I have  been estranged from my family since 23 because I value my well-being and life more than their company.

Does that sound harsh? Well it’s not considering how dysfunction junction really takes its toll on anyone or anything who decides to compromise their own boundaries in order to fulfill a role that was given to them by a predatory force that hides behind the notion that a parent, or in the case a mother, can do no harm. I beg to differ because I am a living testament that just because a parent brings a child into this world, does not automatically mean that child will be offered protection, nourishment, security, warmth, and ultimately love from that parent.

At worst a parent can do considerable harm by constantly and repeatedly putting their offspring down in word and action. As a result of my abuse, I developed something called Complex Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (CPTSD) which in turn caused me to isolate, degrade, and limit myself to opportunities that most people take for granted. What sort of opportunities one might ask?

They include developing or maintaining relationships with those beyond myself, while also having the ability to stand firmly with a raised chin produced from the belief that I am worthy and able to confidently thrive in a world filled with abundance and prosperity. Now granted I have been doing A LOT better since I went No Contact because I have been working on growing and developing a sense of self by nourishing my mind, body, and spirit.

In fact, my second book entitled Practical Healing: A Guide to Restore Your Life covers the methods and techniques I have personally used to extricate myself from the throngs of abuse and neglect by actively cleaning out my subconscious programming. I strongly urge you to check out my materials, which are available for FREE, since they can give you an opportunity to clear your life of that which holds you down.

How do I know the techniques and methods work? Because nowadays I am able to socialize when I could not beforehand. Because nowadays I can remain present as opposed to getting lost via dissociation. Because nowadays I can better manage my emotions, thoughts, and thus actions as opposed to catastrophizing before I even leave my apartment. Because nowadays I do not tolerate toxicity, but firmly extend my boundaries so as to not cause harm to those who violate them.

That ladies and gentlemen is what I call a complete turn around! How did I go about accomplishing this? Two words: methods + persistence. What exactly are the methods? Well I essentially combined Western and Eastern practices by healing my body through proper dieting and exercise, while healing my mind via a self-guided meditation offered in the book.

So what are you waiting for? Download my FREE books and conquer that adversity which holds you back from achieving all you can in this life. Why? Because your life has value and you deserve to enjoy the life that was given to you, that’s why! So thank you for stopping by, and peruse my blog when you have a moment to do so. Many blessings and best wishes!


Aaron Carlisle

P.S. I don’t have a Facebook, and I’m not looking to start one anytime soon. But I have a Twitter! So feel free to follow, tweet, or direct message me if you have any questions, comments, or concerns.


  1. Sounds like you’ve come a long way. I have a NPD father. I think all of us adult children of narcissists have things in common, regardless of our upbringing. I didn’t understand my father’s disorder until my mother died. I was 48. That’s a lot of years of emotional and psychological abuse that I didn’t even understand was happening! I have since gone No Contact and life is so much better. You understand. ❤ I look forward to reading your posts.


    1. Thank you, Tami! We do share a lot in common, and that’s the beauty of it (i.e. there’s a sense of inclusiveness as opposed to how excluded and isolated our abusers made us feel).

      I’m sorry to hear that your remaining parent wasn’t able to offer you support or comfort throughout your life and even after your mother’s passing, but I’m glad to hear you chose to sever ties because a narcissist doesn’t have the capacity to love or even respect boundaries.

      Love and blessings to you, and best wishes for your healing journey!

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